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Is MaleExtra Scam? Find Out First

Do you have trouble “getting it up?” Does the idea of sex give you a sense of foreboding because you feel like you can’t perform? Soft and small erections can be the bane of your existence and a cause of problems in your relationship with your significant other.

Erectile dysfunction is a very real problem that’s unfortunately too embarrassing for some people to confess to a doctor. While the main reason could be psychological (i.e. nervousness, pressure, self-consciousness), it could also be physical.

Several causes of erectile dysfunction include:

    – Anti-depressants and nicotine

    – Surgery such as that of the colon, prostate, bladder or rectum which may have affected nerves and blood vessels necessary to achieve an erection

    – Smoking causes impotence by promoting arterial narrowing that hinders blood flow

    – Chronic illnesses such as diabetes have a negative effect on the nervous system

    – Aging severely decreases the virility of men over 60

Going the Extra Mile with MaleExtra

MaleExtra is a male enhancement pill designed to give you stronger erections and longer endurance. It contains Pomegranate 70% ellagen, an ingredient that’s crucial in fighting erectile dysfunction by raising levels of nitric oxide in your blood to increase its flow to erectile tissues.

It promises the following:

    – Improved blood flow to the penis, therefore making an erection possible

    – Increases your stamina so you can last longer before ejaculation

    – Increased sperm count

    – Enlarged penis girth

Of course, the most important psychological benefit is the confidence you gain in the bedroom.

MaleExtra Ingredients

MaleExtra also contains L-Arginine which allows your penis chambers to relax in order to take in more blood – thus, forming a harder erection. Maca is not only an excellent source of healthy nutrients, it also serves to boost your libido or sexual desire.

Epimediaum Sagittatus is an ingredient that promotes blood flow so that you can develop a harder penis. All ingredients are disclosed on MaleExtra’s website to provide you with the complete information you need to make a decision.

Is MaleExtra Scam or Is It Proven to Work?

Thousands of real customers around the world have attested to the effectiveness of MaleExtra. Its solved problems such as premature ejaculation, penis size, and erectile dysfunction for many satisfied users. Critics and reviewers have already been calling MaleExtra as the #1 Male Enhancement Pill of the Year.

You can try MaleExtra for a 24-week period – it gets shipped to you for free anywhere in the world. If you don’t experience the promised results, you can return the product and get 100% of your money back without any questions asked.

Included in your MaleExtra package is a PenisHealth DVD which features exercise techniques to exercise and measure your penis. You also get free access to LoveCentria where you can learn different sex positions you can try out with your partner.

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