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Today, many men face the erection problems. Due to work pressure, they find it difficult to take proper care of their health and diet. However, erection issues generates due to improper blood flow to the penis.

Therefore, in this situation, Male Extra can be very beneficial. The ingredients of Male Extra are all-natural and prove very effective in treating erection issues.

A List of Male Extra Ingredients:

    1. Pomegranate: This ingredient is very effective in improving erection hardness, sex drive and erectile dysfunction. This ingredient increases Nitric oxide in your body, which helps in maintaining blood vessels. In fact, pomegranate extract is also used for curing many heart diseases.

    2. L-Arginine: This ingredient plays an important role in production of Nitric Oxide in the body. This amino acid also increases the blood flow into the penis, which ultimately results harder and firmer erections.

    3. Mujra Puama: This ingredient is very effective in increasing sexual vigor. This herbal plant also increases the blood flow into the pelvic area, which means you will experience stronger erections. In fact, you can also experience enhanced morning erections.

    4. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): This ingredient improves the overall health of your penis. When your body lacks MSM, cells will be deformed. However, with adequate amount of MSM in your body, your cells are restored. This ingredient is also used for repairing damaged cartilage.

    5. Epimedium Sagittatum: This ingredient plays an important role in liberating testosterones. It increases the blood flow to penis and relaxes the penis muscles. As a result, you experience longer sex drive.

    6. Tongkat Ali: This ingredient is very effective in maintaining fertility and increasing the testosterones level. In fact, this ingredient also increases libido and treats erectile dysfunction, which means it improves your sexual performance.

    7. Flaxseed: This ingredient contains fatty acid, which is essential for fertility. It is a vital ingredient, because it keeps the prostate healthy. In fact, this ingredient plays an important role in maintaining the sperm health by increasing blood flow to your penis.

    8. Maca: This ingredient improves sex drive by providing energy to the body. It increases sperm count as well as enhances the libido. It also boosts your sex drive thus, resulting in harder and stronger erections. Compounds of Maca such as macamides and macaenes play an important role in boosting sexual energy.

    9. L-Methionine: This ingredient plays an important role in providing energy to the muscles, which essential for better sexual performance.

    10. Cordyceps: This ingredient increases sexual desire and energy. It relaxes the muscles of penis and thus, resulting in harder erections.

    11. Omega 3 Fatty Acid: This ingredient is very effective in production of hormones, which are responsible for heightened sexual desire.

    12. Saw Palmetto: This ingredient maintains the health of prostate. As a result, it enhances your sexual desire and improves your sexual performance.

Thus, if you desire to improve your sexual performance, use Male Extra supplement. In fact, Male Extra ingredients apart from giving you harder and stronger erections also treat various sexual dysfunctions.

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